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- 8/30/2014

News articles and blog posts about link building, SEO tools, and increasing traffic organically.

3 Proven Strategies to Succeed in SEO

Aug 29, 2014 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to maximize user traffic to the website. It can be best described as several methods and practices used to improve the way that a website is seen and interpreted by a search engine. On paper, this sounds easy enough, however the concept can actually be quite [...]


Aug 28, 2014 - 1. Stick under wobbly table legs 2. Supplement for low carb diets 3. Bitcoin alternative 4. Keep kids occupied at restaurants 5. Wrap dead fish  The post THE TOP 5 USES FOR THE REL=AUTHOR TAG appeared first on Local SEO Guide.

Google Patent Attacks Reverse Engineering of Local Search Li [...]

Aug 27, 2014 - The title from a Google patent reached out and grabbed me as I was skimming through Google’s patents. It has the kind of title that captures your attention, as a weapon in the war that Google wages against people who might try to spam the search engine. The title for the patent is Reverse [...]

Webinar: Get Ready for the Holidays

Aug 26, 2014 - Join RKG's Adam Audette and Ryan Gibson on August 28th at 1pm Eastern for an interactive webinar that will help you make positive changes to your SEO, PPC and PLA programs before the busy season arrives. Sign up for this … Continue reading →

Back to SEO Basics: Why Relevant External Links Matter

Aug 26, 2014 - As a knowledgeable and methodical webmaster, you know that optimizing your website is a constant effort and that the World Wide Web is always evolving. You may have spent several hours adding and updating meta and titles tags, keyword-rich content, H1 header tags on top of pages, quality web [...]

How You Can Create A Mobile Friendly Online Store

Aug 26, 2014 - Predicting and adapting to new trends or major shifts can certainly give your business a competitive edge (and failing to do so can force you out of the race as well). Mobile ecommerce is one such trend where you need to adapt to stay in the game. If you think that mobile is the future [...] Post [...]

Why Fixing Bad N.A.P. Data Issues Sucks

Aug 25, 2014 - Nyagoslav (think Cher, Michael, Brittany, etc.) gets all OCD on my recent post where I used our NAP Hunter extension to surface some bogus N.A.P. data issues. He really peels back the rotten onion: “The NPI registry is one of the most trustworthy data sources in the medical industry, so the [...]


Aug 25, 2014 - A couple of weeks ago Google announced that it would be using HTTPS URLs as a “lightweight ranking signal”. I have not switched any sites yet, but I thought it would be interesting to observe what has happened to client sites that were already using HTTPS URLs. I took out a few outliers [...]

Call To Action Plugins For WordPress

Aug 25, 2014 - It is a basic fact. Each page on your website should have a purpose. Generally you want a website visitor to DO SOMETHING as a result of visiting your page. Don't be arrogant enough to say, well a user can find our phone number in the footer if they need to call. Your website exists [...] Post [...]

Identifying Entity Types and the Transfiguration of Search @ [...]

Aug 25, 2014 - The World Wide Web is a vast resource for information. At the same time it is extremely distributed. A particular type of data such as restaurant lists may be scattered across thousands of independent information sources in many different formats. In this paper, we consider the problem of [...]

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