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- 5/25/2015

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The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know About SEO for S [...]

May 22, 2015 - Comments

What Rand Fishkin Missed out about Good Content

May 22, 2015 - A Thought provoking piece by Rand over at, but there is something he left out. I always like the bear chasing story when educating about content, you have probably heard it but for those who haven’t. Bear wants to kill two men. One man quickly puts on his running shoes. Other man [...]

100+ Actionable Business Growth Strategies by World Renowned [...]

May 21, 2015 - Comments

Why You Need to Think Bigger About Your Content Target

May 21, 2015 - Comments

Grammarly Review: Write Your Way to More Polished Blog Posts

May 21, 2015 - Last time, I shared three easy ways to improve your writing. They’re really simple: read, write without thinking of SEO, etc. and get feedback. Today, I want to raise the oft-talked about topic of bloggers being good writers yet again. Practice makes perfect, and the more you write, the [...]

The most useful thing about the phrase “Content is King”

May 21, 2015 - I love it when people spout off, “Content is King”. It allows me to know how much brain power they have devoted to the problem of producing content that works to get people to your website and persuade them to feel good about you and your brand. Anyone with half a brain can see that [...]

How to Ask Someone to Write for Your Blog

May 20, 2015 - 4 positive response increasing steps to take when inviting guest bloggers Post from: Search Engine People SEO BlogHow to Ask Someone to Write for Your Blog--Written by Tristan Higbee, Blogging Bookshelf The post How to Ask Someone to Write for Your Blog appeared first on Search Engine People Blog.

Stop Creating Content & Start Creating Value

May 20, 2015 - Comments

What can Don Draper teach us about Creating Content

May 20, 2015 - Yes, I was a Mad Men fan. Everything that needs to be said about the show has already been said, by people with larger expense accounts than mine. Seeing a distilled wisdom presented in the infographic below, I realise how much it told us about the creative process and you can easily apply this to [...]

Google's Phantom Is Exposed and DID Happen – But It Was Abou [...]

May 19, 2015 - A new post from BAZINGA! The post Google's Phantom Is Exposed and DID Happen – But It Was About Quality Signals appeared first on UK SEO Blog by Dave Naylor - SEO Tools, Tips & News.

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