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- 10/25/2014

News articles and blog posts about color, themes, layouts, and design inspiration.

15 Free Download Scary Vectors

Oct 24, 2014 - pThe post

Help Us Choose 2 Files for the Audio & Video Collaborati [...]

Oct 23, 2014 - pThe post

13 Built-In WordPress Options That Online Publishers Need To [...]

Oct 23, 2014 - With WordPress probably being the most popular content management and blogging platform on the internet, any new releases will inevitably create a stir amongst blogging enthusiasts as well as web hosts and designers. The recently released WordPress comes with additional built-in options, over and [...]

7 Lessons Designers Learn From an IKEA Catalog

Oct 23, 2014 - /a pRead more posts by a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""Claire Jariss Manlapas/a/p

11 Free CSS & jQuery Tabs Plugin And Tutorials

Oct 23, 2014 - Here, we have put together 11 free CSS jQuery tabs plugins and tutorials for you. CSS jQuery tabs plugins allow developers to create a tabbed navigation and improve usability along with a better browsing experience. Creating usable navigation menus is the most thought-provoking part of the [...]

An Extensive Collection of Cheatsheets for Web Designers

Oct 23, 2014 - pThe post a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""An Extensive Collection of Cheatsheets for Web Designers/a appeared first on

The Ultimate Guide to Parallax Scrolling: Best Practices, Ex [...]

Oct 22, 2014 - The idea of parallax design is simply an awareness of movement. More specifically, the word 'parallax' is used to describe the perception of distance between objects while moving along a line br/ Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog.div [...]

12 Bug Tracking Applications For Developers

Oct 22, 2014 - Here we are listing down top 12 bug tracking applications for you that let you find and fix the bugs in your projects. Installment of bug and issue tracking application save your plenty of time and enable you to concentrate on your work more. Furthermore, your workflow...div [...]

The Dollar Redesigned: 9 Awesome US Dollar Redesign Concepts

Oct 22, 2014 - /a pRead more posts by a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""Kevin Mark Rabida/a/p

5 Things Worth Checking Out Across Envato That You Probably [...]

Oct 22, 2014 - pThe post

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