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- 9/15/2014

News articles and blog posts about Ajax, ASP, PHP, ROR, SQL, and much more.

Using String Replace in JavaScript

Sep 15, 2014 - This is a quickie simple post on JavaScript techniques. We’re going to cover how to use the regular expression driven replace(..) with JavaScript string values. All string values have a replace(..) method available to them. This method allows you to pass a regular expression (or a string that [...]

Inviqa techPortal: My top ten favourite PhpSpec limitations

Sep 11, 2014 - On the Inviqua techPortal today Marcello Duarte lists out his top ten favorite limitations with the PhpSpec testing tool. PhpSpec is a tool where the tests are driven by specifications, focusing on the "how". PhpSpec is enjoying a growth in popularity lately, probably related to the recent [...]

Force Stack Traces with JavaScript

Sep 11, 2014 - I recently inherited a Node.js project and man is that scary.  The code was well written but whenever you inherit a project you instantly inherit the fear of messing things up.  My goal was to fix a fairly routine bug, and finding the issue was fairly easy, but tracing through the code to figure [...]

MySQL Date Gotchas

Sep 08, 2014 - Rob Gravelle explores the perils of working with dates in MySQL.

Wrapping Text Nodes and Elements with JavaScript

Sep 05, 2014 - When you work on a site that relies on a given JavaScript toolkit, you unintentionally end up trying to solve problems within the bounds of the toolkit and not the language.  Such was the case when I tried wrapping text (possibly including HTML elements) with a DIV element.  Imagine the [...]

Add Rules to Stylesheets with JavaScript

Sep 04, 2014 - Update:Rewrites made to accurately represent current practice for stylesheet injection. Since we’re using so much JavaScript in our web applications these days, we’re looking for more ways to keep them fast.  We use event delegation to keep event listening efficient, we use function [...]

How to Manage Microsoft Azure SQL Database Using PowerShell [...]

Sep 04, 2014 - Continuing his discussion of a somewhat unorthodox method of managing Azure SQL Database that involves directly invoking REST APIs, Marcin Policht shows some of the unique benefits of REST APIs by demonstrating their unique capabilities that are not available via PowerShell.

Create a CSS Flipping Animation

Sep 03, 2014 - You’ve all asked for it and now I’ve added it: Internet Explorer support! Annoyingly enough, the change involves rotate the front and back elements instead of just the container. Skip to this section if you’d like the Internet Explorer code. IE10+ is supported; IE9 does not [...]

TSQL: Understanding How to Use the INSERT Statement to Popul [...]

Sep 02, 2014 - Before you can read data from your database you need to understand how to insert data into the tables in your database. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this. Greg Larsen explores the methods you can use when inserting data into a database table using the INSERT statement.

Retrieving requestAnimationFrame with JavaScript

Sep 01, 2014 - The requestAnimationFrame function has been a major boost to developers creating and managing animations with JavaScript.  Paul Irish has an excellent introduction on requestAnimationFrame — I highly recommend you read it.  This HTML5Hub post is also very good.  Most browsers now support the [...]

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